October 4, 2022


Istanbul is a historical port city that has hosted important civilizations and events for centuries. Galata region is also the most popular place in this sense for years.

Another place where you can have a good time has been added to this popular district, Galataport. Located between Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and Karaköy Ferry Port, this place adds a new color to Istanbul.



Galataport Istanbul, the historical port of the city, is a world-class cruise port on the one hand, and on the other hand, it offers culture-arts, working, shopping, and eating and drinking experiences with its architecture in harmony with its history. It hosts the terminal, which was built for the first time in the world and was built underground with a special warehouse system. With its large-capacity car park, it balances the city’s parking needs. The historical port continues to be Istanbul’s gateway to the world from the sea. Galataport Istanbul has been designed with a horizontal open-air urban planning approach with accessible low-rise buildings, in harmony with the historical texture of the area, offering its guests a breath of fresh air in a healthy and safe atmosphere.


What can you do in the carefully designed Galataport?


  • Promenade In the Bosphorus

The breathtaking view of the Bosphorus and the architectural splendor of Galataport convince visitors to take a stroll on one of Istanbul’s most beautiful promenades.

Designed in the concept of a neighborhood, its architecture, which is compatible with the historical texture of the region, was created for you to have a pleasant time.



  • Gastronomy

The perfect stop for a meal! From street food to international gourmet restaurants, everyone can find delicious, healthy, and quality cafes and restaurants to suit their budget and palate.

It hosts many domestic and foreign brands that offer a wide range of Turkish and World cuisines. Galataport Istanbul is moving towards becoming the “Istanbul’s New Culinary Neighborhood” of the city with a 40% food and beverage rate.



  • Shopping

At Galataport, waterfront shopping spree! From local brands to international concepts, offers world-class shopping experiences.



If you are looking for a specific store or brand, you can also use the Galataport Istanbul Mobile Application. The free app has a navigation feature that lets you instantly find a particular store or restaurant.

You can view all the stores in the complex by clicking.


  • Office Spaces

Galataport creates a more social environment for a flexible working environment with its low buildings and interactive designs. In addition, office spaces that meet the magnificent view of the Bosphorus and the historical peninsula are indispensable.


  • Arts & Culture

As an extension of one of the oldest neighborhoods of İstanbul, Galataport Istanbul arts & culture mission revolves around regenerating the cultural richness the area offered in the past. Galataport has art in its center. Istanbul Modern and Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Istanbul Painting and Sculpture Museum are home to the best examples of art in Turkey.

Galataport Istanbul has already become an important venue in Istanbul’s annual cultural calendar. Various cultural, art and design events await you at Galataport throughout the year. You can check all upcoming events on their website and instagram.

Galataport Istanbul events: https://www.galataport.com/en/events

Galataport Istanbul Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/galataportistanbul/

Besides the historical buildings around will impress you during your visit and you will definitely want to stop and take pictures.


Historical Attractions around ISTANBUL PORT

Located in such a historic district, Galataport Istanbul is rich in heritage. All heritage buildings in state of disrepair have been restored, structurally strengthened, or reinstated to embellish the city once again.


Tophane Clock Tower

 Several historical heritage buildings on the area have been restored to their former state. The Tophane Clock Tower, also known as Nusretiye Clock Tower, is one such structure. Built in the neoclassical style, the tower was originally located on the seashore. Over time, the clock tower began to lean towards the sea at a 12-degree slope due to the weight of the flag tower above it and the shifting of the ground beneath it. In this sense, the tower resembled the Leaning Tower of Pisa. After the restoration, it became more solid and eye-catching. Tophane Clock Tower is one of Istanbul’s oldest clock towers still intact.



Post Office Fashion Galleria

The post office, located next to the port, attracting attention with its unique architecture, was used as a place where mail was collected in the past.

Don’t forget to visit this building, which is one of the oldest buildings in the city, in Galataport.


Çinili Han

Çinili Han is one of the most inspiring structures on the pier built in 1910-1911. The structure was originally used as a passenger terminal. But, after the completion of the new terminal in 1940, it served as a post office for a long period.


Tophane Pavilion

A British architect, William James Smith, built the Tophane Pavilion in 1852 under the reign of Abdulmejid. The structure had two was used to receive foreign state officials coming to Tophane, and to serve sultans during their inspections of the city’s military capabilities. Located between Nusretiye Mosque and Tophane Fountain, the Tophane Pavilion still stands as an important touristic destination in Karaköy, Istanbul.




    Copyright 2022 by YeG Clinic. All rights reserved.

    Copyright 2022 by YeG Clinic. All rights reserved.