ear aesthetics

It is very important to make correct calculations before surgical intervention in ear aesthetics. In order to obtain a symmetrical appearance, the operation is performed at the most suitable angle and in harmony with the structure of the face. In some cases, the angle is smooth, and the cartilaginous tissue is larger than the head structure, which leads to the appearance of prominent ear. In this case, our doctor may not deal with the angle and can directly reduce the outer ear.

An important detail in ear aesthetics is to inform your doctor about the medications you use and your medical history before the surgery. It is very important for you to stop smoking before the surgery in terms of skin regeneration and healing process.

What is Otoplasty (Ear Aesthetics) and
how is it done?

Prominent ear aesthetics is performed due to the fact that the ear structures of the people are too protruding and the problem of not feeling comfortable due to this.

Prominent ear aesthetics is usually performed with local anesthesia. However, it is possible to perform surgical intervention under general anesthesia for children and people who hesitate to have surgery under local anesthesia. Your doctor gives you detailed information about how to intervene before the operation. If there is an angular problem with the sequence of operations, the doctor first corrects it and then shrinks the outer ear. However, if the angle is not a problem, the process of reducing the outer ear is applied directly.

The most common treatment method for ear aesthetics is the threaded method. Prominent ear treatment with thread, which is applied without any incision, allows the person to quickly return to his normal life. A thread is pulled from the upper part of the ear with a medical needle and the process is completed by giving the required angle. The operation takes approximately 2 hours.


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    Copyright 2022 by YeG Clinic. All rights reserved.