nose aesthetics

Rhinoplasty is the most common applied aesthetic operation in our country and in the world.

Rhinoplasty, whose popularity has increased considerably today; is performed safely and painlessly by YEG CLINIC doctors.

What is
piezo surgery?

Thanks to the piezo machine, the nasal bones are processed by making millimetric measurements. Although this method varies according to the skin structure of the person, as it does not damage the soft tissues around the nasal bones swelling and bruising do not occur.

In surgeries using a piezo machine, the nose has more elegant and natural lines.

It is one of our top priorities to fully fulfill the wishes of people when we communicate with our patients. We are in touch with our patients both before and after the operation and we complete this process together.

What is
rhinoplasty (nose aesthetics)?

Rhinoplasty is the process of reshaping the external shape of the nose. It is applied to people who are not satisfied with the structure of the nose, have bone and cartilage curvature, and have breathing problems.

Is There Any Pain
after rhinoplasty (nose aesthetics)?

After rhinoplasty, patients do not have a significant pain complaint. There are pains that can be relieved with simple painkillers.

How Long Does Rhinoplasty (Nose Aesthetics)

The duration of the operation varies according to the nose and skin structure of the patient. The operation takes about 2-3 hours. In revision surgeries, the time is slightly longer. It takes around 3-4 hours.

Rest Period
after rhinoplasty (nose aesthetics)?

After rhinoplasty, patients are accommodated in the hospital for a maximum of 1 day and rested in a controlled manner. Patients can walk around within 1 week, which is the healing process, and can walk without tiring. Many of our patients we host from abroad evaluate the healing process (4-5 days) with touristic trips 1 day after the surgery.


    Copyright 2022 by YeG Clinic. All rights reserved.

    Copyright 2022 by YeG Clinic. All rights reserved.