Lamina & E-Max
hollywood smile

With this method, you can achieve an aesthetically magnificent appearance and permanent whiteness in your smiles. The application called Lamina Veneer or E-Max, which is made without the need for minimal or no abrasion on your teeth, can provide you more aesthetic looking teeth. This process can changes your lips, smile and face from head to toe, and allowing the facial features to be fully revealed.

It is one of our most basic priorities to fully fulfill the wishes of the people when we are in contact with our patients. We are in contact with our patients before and after the operation and we happily complete this process.

Lamina (Hollywood Smile)
application stages

Before the application of the lamina method, your photograph will be taken first, and your jaw and tooth structure will be revealed. Modeling (Mockup) will be made with the measurements taken at the same time.

A design will be applied by using ultra technology systems in line with the face, lip and tooth proportions of the patients. According to this situation, the ideal tooth form and dimensions will be determined. The data obtained in the next stage, namely the first photographs of the person and the electronic data obtained afterwards, are delivered to the technician.

Prototypes of the patient’s teeth are prepared with plaster models. When the prototypes are ready, it becomes clear what the patient will look like as a result, by applying them to the person. All these transactions take place in just 7 days. You can have a brand-new smile in a very short time.

Things to Consider While Planning
lamina (hollywood smile)

Hollywood Smile is made for very regular and sequential teeth. It is literally the art of dentistry. The dentist must first fully understand the state of oral and dental health when applying to the dentist for smile design. Therefore, the dentist measures and evaluates whether the teeth are suitable for the aesthetic design. The right treatment plan is created after the evaluation.

Our dentist, who will perform the procedure, informs you in detail about the procedure. In addition, Our physician, who will design the smile, will plan the treatments that should be done step by step. Everyone can have the smile they want with accurate planning and treatment. Thanks to YEG Clinic, the smile you want with Hollywood smile is no longer a dream.

Beside it by observing;

  • The facial features of the person,
  • Gender,
  • Age,
  • The symmetry of the smile,
  • The arrangement of the teeth and their color,
  • Lip structure,
  • The condition of the gums

the person’s facial line is evaluated geometrically. Facial features provide valuable information about what teeth form should be in for an aesthetic smile.

Smile design differs in men and women. Because there are anatomical differences. The transitions of women’s facial features are soft. Men’s facial features may be sharper than women’s. In addition, women have different appearances compared to men in terms of chin tip, forehead and nose according to their facial structure.

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    Copyright 2022 by YeG Clinic. All rights reserved.

    Copyright 2022 by YeG Clinic. All rights reserved.