June 21, 2022


Located in the Şişli district, Nişantaşı is one of the most important and ostentatious attractions of Istanbul. The place, which hosts the oldest settlements of the city, is the most precious corner of the city with its boutiques of famous brands, lively streets, and magnificent places where you can sit and experience. It also draws attention with its houses like works of art from the old times. There are many places to visit in Nişantaşı which attract you with their sincere and pleasant atmosphere as well as luxury.



Where to visit, what to do in Nişantaşı?

Travelling To History

The district, where the Ottoman Sultans did their training exercises, takes its name from the sighting areas (long stones) in various places. It all started with the Ottoman Sultan Abdülmecid’s request for the region to be settled under the name of Teşvikiye Mahallesi. In the second half of the 19th century, the palace moved first to Dolmabahçe and then to Yıldız, attracting members of the dynasty and high state officials to this region. In addition, Nişantaşı was developing rapidly due to its proximity to Pera, the most modern part of the city. While it developed as a district of mansions and palaces, where many foreign state guests, pashas and officials were hosted, apartments have been added to these since the 1910s.



Nişantaşı, one of the oldest settlements in the city, continues to have an important place in the city with its flamboyant architectural structures that have survived from those times.


Teşvikiye Mosque

The mosque, which was built by the Ottoman Sultan Abdülmecit in 1854, contains two of the sighting stones (mentioned above) that gave Nişantaşı its name and is among the must-see places with its different architecture. The funerals of many famous names and politicians are being removed from the Teşvikiye Mosque.


Harbiye Military Museum

There is a wide military and cultural heritage in the museum from the 13th century to the present day. Apart from displaying various items in the showcases, various dioramas such as the Seljuk State, the Ottoman Empire, or the Conquest of Istanbul are also featured.


Ihlamur Pavilion

Located among the greenery, the mansion (built in 1849-1855) is a very stylish historical place that you can visit to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. At the same time, you can have breakfast in the place that is used as a cafe today while you are there. You should visit this place, which fascinates us with both its architectural texture and its vast history. You can also take very nice photos with this beautiful background.




Enjoy The Air of Nişantaşı


Maçka Democracy Park

The park, which includes sports equipment areas, playgrounds, and rows of pools, is one of the most visited green areas in Istanbul, over which the cable car lines pass. Especially on weekends, the park is filled with young people who take their drinks and food, picnic and do yoga on their mats. You can also watch the magnificent Bosphorus view by taking the cable car.




Art Galleries

It has world-famous foreign artists and Turkey’s leading galleries which include the works of modern artists. In fact, it is seen that showcases in the region have turned into spaces designed as a work of art.

Art galleries suggestions, Teşvikiye Art Gallery, 44A Art Gallery, Niş Art Gallery, Maji Art Gallery, Maçka Art Gallery.




Time to Shopping, Eating and Hang Around in Nişantaşı Street


Abdi İpekci Street

Abdi İpekçi Street is home to the world’s most famous shops. In addition, the most famous cafes of the city are located here. New Year’s Eve takes on a different atmosphere with street decorations and various street events. Here you can see many famous names during the day.

The street, where the branches of world-famous brands such as Prada, Chanel, Gucci, Vakko, Louis Vitton and Mc Quenn are located, is one of the places where the heart of fashion beats in Istanbul. There are also zillions of small boutiques in the neighborhood that offer unique gifts and clothing for those who are interested.



Nişantaşı City’s Mall

City’s Mall is a favorite shopping center where you can find services such as electric vehicle charging station, digital money ATM point, free wi-fi in the center where you can find luxury brands, sports club, restaurants where you can taste world food.

Click on the website to see the shops, restaurants, and services in it. Click for more details



Atiye Street

The street, which is lively at all hours of the day, has many businesses where you can do different activities from breakfast to dinner, from coffee break to beer getaway.

Examples of places that might interest you on Atiye Sokak are Nopa, Salomanje, Kav Wine Boutique, Casita and The House Café Corner.






Şütte : It is considered as one of the iconic places of Nişantaşı that has existed for years, especially with its sandwiches.

Tatbak Restaurant, Başköşe; to taste local delicacies

Piknik Buffet; According to most people, this buffet makes Nişantaşı’s most delicious toast.

Glens; delicacies from italian cuisine

Lucky and Friends; You can spend time with your pets in the cafe and cocktail bar, which started with the theme “Save the Animals”, which has now become a brand in 28 countries.

Spago İstanbul by Wolfgang Puck; Spago Istanbul by Wolfgang Puck, one of the elite and favorite places of Nişantaşı, becomes a resting point for local and foreign tourists with its breathtaking view and delicious food.



Nusr- et Burger, 400 Degrees Pizza, Carrot, Grey Food & Drink, these places can be priority options that you can choose.



Where Can You Stay in Nişantaşı?

Offering the comfort of a five-star hotel, Ramada hotel is right across Osmanbey metro station and within walking distance of the luxury shopping/fashion district Nisantasi. This place is designed to give our guests a break from the busy city life of Istanbul. The hotel has been carefully designed to provide its guests with maximum comfort and relaxation in order to provide an authentic experience.


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