Hair Transplantation
in women

Hair loss in women is a common problem of all ages and ethnicities. Most women complain of rapid hair loss, especially due to certain hairstyles, frequent dyeing, genetic problems, or a lack of certain nutrients. If you are suffering from excessive hair loss or female pattern baldness, you can benefit from female hair transplant treatments which offered by YEG Clinic.

How Does the Hair Transplant Process Work
in women?

The hair transplant procedure in women is similar to the hair transplant procedure applied to men. A donor area with healthy hair follicles should be selected before the procedure by our surgeon’s advice. Unlike male clients, shaving is not required for female clients, usually a small portion of the donor area is shaved, which can be easily covered with the rest of the hair. You can easily have an operation without interrupting your daily life.

How is the hair transplantation process in women step by step? Lets analyze it together:

  • Local anesthesia is applied for a painless operation after the front line is decided,
  • Grafts are collected from an area to be covered by the hair,
  • Micro channels are opened in the desired area to place the hair grafts,
  • Hair transplantation is performed.

In the FUE method, hair follicles are placed one by one by creating small channels in the target area during the transplantation process. On the other hand, the DHI technique uses a special pen called the Choi pen to remove simultaneously and load individual hair follicles.

Are you a suitable candidate for female
hair transplant operation?

Women who are affected by hair loss, experience regional baldness, who also have a large forehead or thinning of the hairline, and women who are affected by traction alopecia and whose hairline is receding are considered suitable candidates for hair transplantation and procedures can be performed.

Along with these conditions, hair transplantation is suitable for women who have suffered a trauma involving burns or severe damage and who experience hair loss due to an imbalance in hormone levels.

The most important factor for hair transplantation in women is the density and health of the existing donor hair follicles. It is necessary to find out whether you have suitable hair follicles for hair transplantation operation. The decision is made after our team performs and evaluates the controls.

How is the recovery process after hair transplantation
in women?

In women, post-hair transplant care is very importance for a comfortable recovery process. Our surgeon may use a soft bandage after the operation to protect this area against external factors. Your scalp may be sensitive for a few days after your hair transplant operation.

You should follow our surgeon’s post-transplantation instructions to ensure healthy hair growth and growth during the recovery period.

In order to prevent a complication that may occur, you should avoid direct sunlight and harsh chemicals on the donor and transplanted area. In addition, our surgeons provide information about vitamins, shampoos and medications you should use to aid the healing process and increase your comfort after surgery. Women can usually return to their daily routines without any discomfort a few days after the hair transplant operation.

Is female
hair transplant safe?

Since both FUE and DHI hair transplantation methods do not involve any cuts or stitches, the risks of the operation and post-surgery are very low.

Female hair transplantation is performed by experienced surgeons and teams specialized in hair transplantation at YEG Clinic.

Provided that you follow the recommendations of our surgeon during the process after hair transplantation, you can have healthy hair safely and without any problems.


    Copyright 2022 by YeG Clinic. All rights reserved.

    Copyright 2022 by YeG Clinic. All rights reserved.